Our dear modest global website has already outstepped its boundaries starting to reach undiscovered fields and new ones. We moved on, but not for dissatisfied reasons – our PartyNews have always been in the excitement of reaching and experiencing unbeknown, outside-of-Hungary adventures. We are not preparing for big things – our desire is to mediate the rapidly improving sounds of Hungarian electronic music to as many places and regions as possible. All in all, our global site – existing for many years and reaching international successes – hereby has started its work.

Well, as we got into this everlasting progress, our crew was lucky to have the chance to spend a whole weekend on Ibiza, home of the world’s best nightclubs. Besides, our partners were so kind that the PartyNews Crew got an invitation to the grand opening party of We Love… Sundays. We have never been to Space, let alone Ibiza, so we almost literally wept for joy while we were looking out of the airplane’s window seeing our home city, Budapest.

On the moment of landing we immediately knew that everything will be slightly different here. The temperature was at least twice as hot as in Hungary, moreover, a local Hungarian “resident”, called Zsolt, got to the airport for us and his welcome was very heartwarming and cheering as well. Since we are not a tourism monthly paper, this time we skipped the sightseeing.


We did not know what to expect from this trip, so as a result we started travelling off to probably one of our most memorable party with a great excitement. We have to add that the line-up of the party was such an excellence that all of us would be up to anything like this anytime and anywhere.



We got going to Space at about 00:30 on Sunday – we have to mention here that this point of time is considered pretty early regarding the nightlife of Ibiza, as Zsolt told us. This is a customary here on the Spanish island, so party goers usually start off going to clubs only at about 2 or 3 o’clock at night. The reason of this late start is partly because the parties end later than in Hungary, on the other hand, the headliner DJs start playing at this time.

Right after arriving at Space, we have experienced a huge positive thing in front of the club: organizers of the event formed more than one lines for getting into the club more easily and quickly, that is there were separate lines for people with pre-sale tickets and with door-price tickets. Of course, people who was on the guest list or had a pass also had a particular line to enter. I have to admit that all of us felt super cool (but who would not?) while going straight to the VIP line, which was a little crowded as we arrived there. Inspired by the VIP feeling, we had the idea of telling the “doorman” that we have press-pass, and this is how it happened. We showed him our contact while telling him about our situation and the following was that the guy pulled the cordon away politely. We expected questions like: “Where are you from? From PartyNews? Why are you here?” For our great sorrow, none of these questions were asked. 🙂

The way how we could enter Space was an extremely good feeling for us, not to mention the friendly gesture of the guy who let us in. Of course, our crew could not get away with a “Write only good!” sentence, but it was said in an intelligent, kind and funny way. Then we met with some girls using laptops managing the guest list. We were a little surprised when they told that only one plastic wristband was available, but fortunately one of the girls brought readily more of these wristbands for each of us. It was a really professional problem solving and another positive moment.



Space was almost full when we entered the worthily famous club. By the way, our “tour guide” Zsolt was very surprised at the number of people already partying at that time of the night. We immediately headed towards the left side of the club where a cocktail bar and the outer DJ booth could be found with awesome hip-hop music. We were instantly caught up in the wave of the incredibly marvellous party mood, people around us were dancing and raving to Naughty By Nature’s “Hip Hop Hurray” classic. We were definitely thirsty, immensely thirsty, therefore aiming at the bar we ordered a beer. At Space club, a beer costs 15 euros… Getting into such an astonishing situation, I am sure that the thought of drinking before going to the club came to everyone’s mind. J But it does not matter, because being a VIP can bring you lots of benefits (we succeeded in getting pretty much tipsy). 🙂


After these happenings we decided on going to the Terrace where Ben UFO and Paul Woolford were playing b2b. It was amazing and perfect, furthermore, their set was excessively accurate, colourful and wondrous. At Space, we were ecstatic about seeing for ourselves that the hands of the DJs’ are not tied here. However, everyone should admit that telling such icons what kind of music can be played or not is disrespectful. The long and short of it, the Terrace with its every goodness deserves a brilliant classification.

As a matter of course, we were very curious about other parts of Space, also on the musical side, indeed, so our next location was an airier part of the club (El Salon) with respect to the number of people. Daisy Heartbreaker was the one who had had to play but the DJ booth was under the possession of three other DJs playing truly charming deep house, almost remindful of disco. It was nice but a little light for us, but in this ambience it was comfy fit to nicety.


The visiting of the main room, called La Discoteca, finally came and I have to tell that this was the one which we liked the most. The room was filled with fascinating progressive and deep house music under the control of PBR Streetgang. We had countless eargasms, seeing smiling faces wherever you looked, kind and unstuffy people… Without exaggeration, the vibe was simply phenomenal. Later we visited the upper part of the club with chill out music to calm your soul and body down.

We have found innumerable interesting and exciting things at Space, just to mention only a few of them: an original Space shop with T-Shirts, sunglasses, caps and anything one can imagine; cabinets full of the awards which the club had won during the years (of course, everyone wanted to take photos there, but I have to add that we belong to this group of people, it would a huge mistake to miss 🙂 ). Assuredly, some of the tracks played during the night could be recognized only by the biggest expert fans, however, it is sure that the biggest tunes or anthems of this summer are already done just like us by the end of the party. 🙂 Regardless these facts, charging up ourselves was successful in the face of the music and everything else.


Ibiza is the home of people who want to party non-stop, besides, they spend a lot of money, which is inevitable. The PartyNews Crew only had this one night… for the time being.

From now on, you can follow constantly the happenings and events of the party island, Ibiza.

Nóra Molnár, Zsolt Tóth