On our way home we already started working, writing down our experiences regarding this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, letting the love and respect towards electronic music to overtake the huge tiredness on all of us. This state of mind was the main thing which could bring us forward during ADE and visit all the places that we could with our little but very enthusiastic team.

Here you can read our review of the entire ADE14.

Our editor in chief is a very, very evil man… His order was that we have to start our detailed reviews with the most gigantic parties in sizes. But things turned out to be different, as our colleagues – socialized on arena techno music – rapidly voted down the boss, so we respectfully present our first ADE14 party review, which finally gave us that certain real ADE feeling.

We have to mention here that we already started the night from the pole position as luckily, we met and had a little talk with two of the artists, namely Angy Kore and Tom Hades the day before the party at CUE bar. This friendly meet up with its fantastic and special atmosphere perfectly prepared us for the Gate Null showcase, moreover, here, we felt at home. The extra thing of that day was that we successfully arranged an interview with Tom Hades, so the only thing we could do was to prepare for the next day’s event, i.e. the Gate Null Showcase.

“Gate Null Recordings works every day to release solid underground music featured by an assiduous care of the audio quality, trying to be an example nowadays.”

This party was in our schedule anyway, but their kind invitation, the welcome drinks and the guys’ immediacy convinced us of our right choice. Now, it’s time to talk about what happened at the party.

We have to advance Tom Hades from the line-up and not because of a personal issue (ok, maybe a little 🙂 ). Tom Hades is an artist without any superstar-like behaviour, who has been a kind of reformer of the techno scene for a long while, and he does not want to show a bigger picture of him than he really is. The interview with him was one of our biggest experiences, which you can read on our website soon.


At this point, we should stop for a moment. This party was memorable from the point of view of what these guys did at that night – they created such an outstanding and incredible atmosphere with their qualitative music and attitude towards electronic music that no one could forget and experience. There was not any bad set or pop-parody; only chemically pure techno music was present at this event. Every artist brought us with themselves during their sets, and we have to tell you that everything was perfectly right. You know that feeling when you do not want to go anywhere from a party, no matter what kind of choices you could have, because you feel yourself the best here…

Beer after beer as the hours and minutes passed by while being under the spell of techno. The DJs raised smoothly the mood of the night together with the number of the consumed beers and the fists pumping in the air.


Mark Greene, Trom and Nick Fontana were the unknown artists for us, but besides, hearing such artists is always an exciting thing. However, Mark Greene was not fully unknown for us, his ‘Name Dropper’ and ‘Neuron’ tracks have already touched our ears before. Unfortunately, we missed the set of Nick and Trom, but we really had to take a little breath, not to mention the interviews.

The cooperation of Spektre and Irregular Synth was the most surprising thing which shocked us, of course, in a good way. This wasn’t the first time when we have heard Spektre live, but this was the moment when we realised why he is one of our favourites. These guys were playing the better and better tracks after each other like a techno fusion generator, making their set memorable and special, not to mention how they enjoyed playing at this party.

Andrea Frisina was the next one to play, who we have never heard before but always wanted to. Andrea treated the sounds the best way he could like a real Italian, which made us think about how many 4/4 geniuses will and can The Boot give us. Maybe this was the most eclectic set and he totally carried us with him.

Angy Kore was simply true to himself and did himself justice. The colourfulness of his sets still remains like it was true at the showcase, an artist who never makes you disappointed: this is Angy Kore. He has a high estimation of his talent among techno lovers on this planet, and this is not by accident. To specifically express ourselves: it was a dirty trip.

Tom Hades was the next, but we will write about his set in our interview with him, keeping this special place for him. However, we can tell that his set was perfectly built up, making his one hour one of the most memorable moment of the night. Following Tom Hades, we welcomed Eric Sneo as an old friend, as he has played many times in Hungary. We recalled the memories from the time of Tube Tech, but let’s go techno, right?

A review should not judge an artist’s set of that time, but here, we have to mention that it is highly recommended to every young apprentice to read carefully the techno lexicon which was presented to us during that night at an underground place, together with the perfect guys without any megalomania, thanks to Gate Null Recordings.

Thank you guys for this unforgettable night!