You cannot be at OZORA Festival, but you would like to feel the paradisiac feelings?

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2014-07-29 (Day 1)

06:30: We can’t wait for the gates to open with the other people, who wants to enter paradise, moreover, the number of these people are getting more and more bigger. We start our journey with some advantage thanks to the organizer’s cooperation, so we are here in Pumpui for about 90 hours. Because of this, we had the chance to see every phase of the construction and hear the first tracks. The spirit of this place haunts us, and at this early time of the day we can hardly meet anyone who is rude; here, this behaviour is not fashionable and never was.


Let’s read some news!


07:00: We can see the change with our own eyes that the visitors start packing somewhat later, plus less people came here before the official opening. The reason of this can be SUN Festival, and in contrast with the past few days, we can enjoy today’s dawn moments with some Hungarians speaking around us. A lot of people say that they came here to rest after SUN Festival. A little refreshing sleep, and everything can go on in the same routine.

07:10: More and more incomprehensible sounds and speakings can be heard around us. It’s like every corner of the world meets here! Fantastic!

07:30: Some sensitive Italians (who are now our friends) are chatting around us with rheumy eyes. The pasta eating men now came here to party, and we were very surprised seeing a lot of their acquaintances joining them. We don’t know how they found each other because none of their technical widgets were operating. BENVENUTI!

08:30: The Italian-Hungarian friendship seems to long last, but the food which they called ‘breakfast’ was not so steely for a Hungarian stomach, so we headed to the canteens which are our bags in this case, with the sign, FOOD. (VIP).

08:32: In the meantime, our friend Zsolt has arrived, and he didn’t hesitate to start eating the food which was offered by totally unknown men. However, we do not really know neither the Hungarian, nor the Italian guys… but somehow, everyone if a friend here. And we are about to understand this philosophy.

08:34: Zsolt thinks the Italian pasta wasn’t so good, so he settled down to a Lithuanian car, and started eating with those guys like a family.

09:00: It is thundering. It is not so heartwarming, but paradise wouldn’t be paradise without rain, am I right? Nevermind, but we would be happier with a simple warm, summer sunshine. The weather turned out to be exactly the same as we predicted. It is a real characteristic of the valley (where the festival takes place) that a rain shower like this was can touch a human’s sensors very sensitively. One can easily think that the apocalypse has come when every part of our body trembles because of the valley’s echo.

10:00: We met some old friends and we decided to sit down to the edge of the valley while discussing how much time do the SUN Festival warriors need to regenerate and continue their summer season amain? But wait, we can see here a rasta juggler couple, both of them are handling the rods like they were born with them. The harmony was distracted by a little rain, so we are heading to our camp.

11:40: Everyone can now feel the excited waiting in the air as we and our other mates are looking forward to the opening in the evening, by the interpretation of Ozric Tentacles. Going back to the camp, where our friends are spending their time with a new peach palinka, it is clear that the variability of the weather does not leave any annoying mark on them. 🙂 After yesterday’s wonderful before progressive we decided to rest a little in the safety of the tent. This tent is too comfortable now – oh, I will fall asleep soon – while I am catching some words of my palinka drinking men.


16:20: I woke up to a strident laugh and with the satisfaction and pleasure that I did not sleep over one of my favourite artist’s set-out. This happened to me a several times and it is excusable in the case of serious tiredness – but not on the first day! I have to put on a clean T-shirt, this is the only thing which I can do in favor of the common hygiene; I think after the first night attack a shower is more recommended.

18:20: We are going to the beer tent to get some booze, and the festival people are gaining from everywhere. But before this, we had a taste of the peach essence – we couldn’t get away with it. So it is no surprise that in the tent we ordered the drinks with a pleasantly numb smile. While was searching for the right place we saw a hand waving to us and its owner’s smile was one of our acquaintances. At last, we managed to find and occupy the right spot, then we talked about the Ozorian experiences, this year’s line-up, about the beautiful girls walking around, and of course, SUN Festival was also included in our topics.

20:30: For the opening, every cloud went away just like the creator forces wanted to help the common intention with this. In contrast with some preliminary news, the elemental game of the campfire welcomed us, but here I have to tell you that I could not imagine the centre of the valley without this. The campfire was always an organic part of the feeling that this environment can mediate. But now, I would like to enjoy the unconditional performance of Ozric Tentacles – I will be here soon.

22:00: My opinion about the Ozric Tentacles was always that their creativity defined our beloved genre on a very high level. In addition, with the help of an appropriate sound system, they can create an atmosphere through the music in which the listener looses his or her connection temporarily with the bound vibrations of material being. I cannot say anything unbiased regarding their art: their music flows to 1000 different ways but though to the same way, it is impalpably eclectic but explicit, too. Pure genius, indisputably. Spectra Sonics’s set is about to begin, so I would like to say goodbye for today, because it is not so certain that I will leave the centre of the valley soon. Tomorrow I will be online again in one piece I hope. Peace, Blessing, Happiness and Joy for tonight everyone!

2014-07-30 (Day 2)

11:00: Woke up with a little nauasea combined with dizziness, but I managed to make it disappear with a medical mineral water-bear-lunch-fruit-cigarette combo. On the other side, I feel myself recharged and peaceful in the same time. Yesterday, I forgot to write about the respect towards the fire jugglers, they did a very great job. In my opinion, last night everyone did their best regarding the music, but for me, Spectra Sonics, Lorraine and Kalumet were the best. I only slept a few hours, but some sleeping and my anti-hangover combo were needed for further successful progress. Today we would like to visit the lookout tower and the world music stage as well, I will post my positive (hopefully) experiences later. I wish all of you good luck for today and hold out!

12:30: I cannot make my friends to come with me at this “early” time and ask them to come with me to the trip, last night everyone was so happy for everyone that the regeneration takes up more time now.

14:40: Now I have a little freetime and I want it to be productive: I have lots of beautiful experiences in this festival which I want to tell you. The first is that when we get lost in a labyrinth and here we met a Portugal couple and we tried to get out together, sharing our last cigarettes, beers, cookies and pullovers as well (but it should be a natural thing, right?)

In 2006, Derago live was unforgettable, the Swedish masters did such a perfectly elemental and crystal clear forest psy live set that is unique and inimitable for me still today. I have heard and seen many fantastic sets, but after their set I changed my ideas about certain sounds. I highly recommend their album from 2005 (Turmult) anyone who wants to hear a perfectly written and otherworldly sounding forest psychedelic album.

In the same year on a dewy morning we spent some time talking with two security men who didn’t hide their wonderment under a bushel: their work is really smooth, and their biggest problem was to help every muddle-headed but peaceful person getting to their tents. They also said that in a big festival like that this thing is very unprecedented, they have never had such an easy and passive work like that.

In 2013, one of our time’s outstanding psychedelic artist and philosopher, Alex Grey was also participated in this festival and I was always their fan. However, I can mention other live sets from for example OTT, Hallucinogen or Logic Bomb, plus my first meeting with the sound system. First, I could not believe that how a sound system like that has such a beautiful sounding. The valley has great acoustics and I firmly believe that the Martin Audio is the best for this place. I hear fidgeting from the tent, I hope that they are the guys and they woke up so we can start our trip at last.

18:10: I managed to gather the guys and start our trip refreshed, moreover, two of my old friends joined us. It turned out that they can give us some information about Raja Ram’s and Chicago’s morning set which we had to skip thanks to our aimless mood in the morning. As they told us Raja Ram and Chicago did their best and performed at their most energetic and oblivious level creating positive energy around the audition.

I forgot to ask them whether did they hear old 1200 Micrograms tracks in their set, but instead of this, we was listening to a greatly compiled dub set by Para Halu, then I suddenly realised the fact that I have only 2 weathered and curve cigarettes so I am heading to my tent. It’s time to tidy up our headquarters, creating the possibility of a harmonic staying. But unfortunately, something bad is coming towards us, drawing apocalyptic lighting conditions around us – and I don’t exaggerate. Luckily, we almost packed everything, I think this will be massive…

18:30: Really, really bad bastard clouds are gathering above the valley.

19:30: Everything is getting darker slowly, a lot of people around us are talking about supercell.


SUN Festival didn’t get away with the rain as well. (Photo by Attila Molnár).

20:30: BREAKING! The supercell is here. We are a little afraid of it, thunders, lightnings… We wasn’t prepared for a flash like this, but we can’t do anything. However, I would really appreciate if they left the tons of ice at home.

20:35: The mainstage’s sets will be at a later time. More infos are coming soon.

21:22: The mainstage is now operating, I hope that this condition will be lasting.

21:45: We got the news that another supercell is about to arrive soon, so the mainstage is closed now indefinitely.

23:00: As the URH radio says in this area heavy storms and lightning are expected for about one and a half hour. After that, the storm will soften continuously, and as we are informed then the party will continue at the mainstage.

2014-07-31 (Day 3)

10:00: Today the spirits of the festival woke me up early. Last night was very rough, hard and again fantastic, from every point of view. About the music I will tell you stories later, I will now have breakfast with my 20 friends.

12:00: Walking to the common centre I slipped and fall on my back and I also kicked the leg of a table out and destroying its static system. After this impact, parts of the table and the colourful collection of the things on it landed on me, including cookies, ashtray made of a can, 200 weathered cigarette stubs, beer, peach juice, cigarette paper, and who knows what other things. At first I didn’t know how to handle this situation, so I practiced this yoga position, and I tried to repair the table. The people around me were astonished for a moment then they laughed.

The godlike black nectar like a mountain brook from the ashtray and the peach juice made my clothes unable to wear so I am heading to my tent to do an unexpected striptease. This performance of mine did not have any audience which was not a problem at all.

The sunshine is beautiful and the sky is crystal clear. I have to tell you that I am under the effects of the last night’s happenings: the storm was as frightening as indescribably wonderful. We experienced the endless power of nature, while we were only a small speck of dust. The echo of the lightning sometimes brought such sub sounds that no speaker could repeat that.

17:00: Today we would like to spend our time at the Dragon’s Nest Stage because we are very curious about Lajkó Félix’s and Óperentzia’s performance as well.

Our other target is the Star Sound Orchestra. Everybody seems happy now, also, we found certain shops which sell artistic clothes and sheets. There are many fairies in this area, but it is true in the case of smiles as well.