It is always an honour when a music magazine gets an invitation for a press event. The Amsterdam Dance Event is exactly the same, and maybe here we can step out of our shadows, leastwise, during the conferences surely. This time, the conductor was Amsterdam, with whom we – together with the other music lovers – have a mutually lucrative relationship for a long time in the case of electronic music.

What you can expect of us about the happenings at ADE:

    • reviews of ADE conferences including Hans Zimmer and Jean-Michel Jarre
    • interviews
    • 16 pages offline edition of our magazine
    • lots of curiosities, technical writings of ADE Playground

We tried to be present at every relevant party, but it was impossible. However, we did our best and attended the following parties:

    • STRUCTURED ADE: PoleGroup x Token x Perc Trax
    • Awakenings presents Electric Deluxe
    • Solarstone pres. Pure Trance – Amsterdam Dance Event 2014
    • Dockyard Festival ADE 2014

Stay tuned for detailed party reviews!

After such a long and considerable relationship it is time to realise that one should not only listen to the music, but solve it, examine it, create and produce it, and so on. Every part of ADE perfectly presented these things, and besides whether 20 years old clichés came up, it was incredibly complex and forward-thinking after all. At first hearing it seems to be easy to understand but tells nothing and deeply thought-provoking for the mind at the same time.

Before our reviews – which will be published in more than one part – we can say that ADE is the easiest festival to digest but maybe the most difficult riddle to unravel. Here, there aren’t any clichés followed by extreme carving ups pulsing with generic beats or grotesque pop parodies. This event thrills you with its fascinating and wildly ecstatic hype with new experiences, creating a definitely unique and proper event.

There are loads of demonstrating equipments and retro-futuristic devices all over the world, but the point still remains the same, i.e. what kind of things one can do with sounds and that the lack of music is as important as its presence. No matter where we go; unexpected changes or crackling melodies, twisting acids – above all, this is high culture. Unpredictability is the only one thing which still remains steady. At first, this whole thing can be unusual and inconceivable even if some chores distorting into satirical sounds together with primitive computer sounds make up never experienced unities while hearing them in the background, passing by the places.

We firmly believe that there is no other thing to hold on to than the time signature and the constant pulsation. We need a stable frame to be able to say after the 5 days that we understood the structure and the essence of it, therefore the MUSIC.

We know that nobody can command you, music is symbolic for you, but you need to hear worming and hacking basslines together just like some tearing sounds and rhythms to scoop new ways peremptorily into your ears.

Photo by: Attila Molnár

Have you ever thought about the fact that why many people choose ADE to visit? Maybe because this is the best and the coolest among the others, or because of the hype? Definitely not! The reason for it is that everything is focused on music.

Did you know that the human brain more easily digests the analogue distortions than the digital ones, moreover, there are certain people who specifically like this? The dissonance of ADE is not only forgivable but really likeable, too.

What message does ADE want to convey? What is that ADE tries to say, what is its concept and meaning? The answer is nothing; ADE is clearly only music. It is about the sounds and its structures; about such sounds which must had to be heard, placed into contexts and positioning to another ones. You can invert this by apostrophising this with artists – it is a breathtaking orgasm together with many partners. A hard work and an attitude like this have never been done by anyone but by ADE alone. However, other organizers could have done the same by the use of the available inspirational resources, but no one has done the same – if yes, they have done it in a different way.

ADE can seem to be very familiar, but it is not about recalling the memories of the past. ADE is simply for You, for all of us and for the music. It does not want to look bigger it does not want to break out more because it is enough to be exactly the same as it is. Yet it reforms, pushes boundaries, gives new meanings while it makes you fly and maybe laughs at you while it does not spoonfeed you, but makes you think after all.

What message does such strong 5 days spent in Amsterdam can have? Perhaps that a perfectionist person does not settle for the Doppler effect of the mixer only, because he or she wants the real and pure things of everything. The truth is these real things were given by Amsterdam Dance Event this year again.

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Photo by: Attila Molnár