Schwarzburgunder is dark and groovy. It’s a real fine wine for your ears. Snork Enterprises serves you it’s new
release by Miro Pajic and Berk Offset “Schwarzburgunder” together with a couple of stunning remix editions by no less than Remute, Norman, Sender Berlin and Syntax Error. Six amazing acts of the Snork Enterprises family are gathered to celebrate this delicious techno vine. Like a tough drink, Schwarzburgunder immediately blows you mind. The bass drum fills your veins and the mysteriously whispering voices cloud your senses. In spite of everything, the groove makes you move. Starting off from this stunning basis, Remute pours a good portion of madness in. Norman adds some heavy substance. Sender Berlin fills in trippiness and Syntax Error wraps everything in his dodgy signature style. Five underground techno hymns and each of them is just right – so don’t take a sip, take the whole bottle! Release date: 19 May 2017.


Miro Pajic

Grown up in Frankfurt, it’s no surprise that his early influences are the legendary club Omen and its master Sven Väth. Miro Pajic himself started off in the early 90s and immediately became a part of the label Planet Core Productions, the makers of the famous “Frankfurt Trax” series, under which he has released dozens of rough vinyl productions during the 90ies. In 2006, Miro moved to
Berlin and returned to his origins of house and techno music. There, he has been refining his distinctive sound of “pumping groves, class A bass lines and catchy ideas” that he is known for today.
He has been releasing on labels such as Harthouse, Little Helpers, LTD.400, Siteholder, Items & Things, and of course on his own label Lazerslut. Furthermore, he has remixed artists like Pig & Dan, Tony Rohr, Skoozbot, Deepgroove, The Horrorist, and Marc Houle. While his productions are played by big names of the underground dance music scene, he himself is known for being a great showcase all around the world.


Berk Offset

He is the man of wonderful mistakes. At least that is how Berk Offset himself describes his sound Fehlerfunk. It’s a blending of the German word for mistake and “funk” and it stands for an experimental sound, strange medias, some mumbling and rumbling and everything in between, making the Berk Offset style absolutely unique. It is a modern sound aesthetic being transmitted in an old school straightforward way and leaving no mercy but hand clustered harsh techno tunes.
Berk Offset, the master of mind-boggling techno is an insane producer with a psychotic sound fetish, a pumping live-act and a passionate label owner. In 2006, the founded the freaky techno label 9Volt-Musik with this friend and Cannibal Cooking Club project partner Hydro (aka Alex Kork). In 2012, he started another label called Wakkler. Meanwhile, the labels as well as he himself as artist have become an essential part of the German underground techno scene.



Out of the box – any box you may wanna place Remute in will be likely to break through. The Belgrad-born and Hamburg-based artist and producer has been well known for many years now as enfant terrible of techno. “Raw unfiltered techno” that’s what he says you get from him, but there’s a lot more to it. Browsing through his chronic, you can feel this certain portion of fascinating madness in each an every step he takes, consider for example his world record of the longest remix in dance-music-history, the ultimate cowbell massacre “Cowbell Mania” or his limited album “The Orgy” including a sample of his own blood.
However, this kind of madness is not distracting but adding to his stunning techno tunes inspired a lot by the genuine sounds from old school days. Since his breakthrough in 2008 with his own label “Remute”, his own tracks got remixed by renowned artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, DJ Rush, Aka Aka, Snuff Crew or Legowelt. Also, he has been remixing for popular artists such as Kid Alex aka Boys Noize, GusGus, Justin Robertson, Daniel Avery or Solomun.



He’s breaking off the barriers and smashes through. The Stammheim kid is still standing tight on his rough 90s techno roots and keeps the freak in his fingers. So nobody is surprised anymore if he’s squeezing in some hip hop scratches or Elvis parades between bombing bass lines and
explosive techno beats. It’s all about the right drive on the dance floor. So is his mantra “if you’re stuck, you suck!”
Since 2002, he has been releasing smashing tracks on labels such as HoerSpielMusik, Broque, Feinwerk, Snork Enterprises, Relax2000, Punkt vor Strich, and many more. Consequently, his own label RAUSCHWAREN was to come – the tracks of which immediately became a constant part of the legendary e-lectribe parties, a club project in his hometown Kassel, of which he has been an indispensable member since 2009.


Sender Berlin

It says, this quite mysterious collective of Berlin-based DJs and producers has emerged in the close vicinity of the Tresor network and has been “modeled after the equally ambiguous Detroit-based Underground Resistance”. Since their debut album “Spektrum Weltweit” press publications
have been referring to them as “a flexible cluster of DJs and producers”. Yet, promising sources hint that the two producers T. Litschko and H. Vaak play a quite important role within this collective shrouded in legend.
What we do know indeed, is that they have been put out various great releases since 1998, which all have a recognizably housy groove. Examples are “Spektrum Weltweit” (Tresor), “Gestern Heute Morgen” (Tresor), unGleich 01 “made by Double X” on their own label unGleich Records and unGleich in Exile (Kanzleramt) – both together with Alexander Kowalski aka Double X, and of
course Deep Field Transmission on Snork Enterprises. What is characteristic of Sender Berlin is that – as already hinted at in their name – they always have been connecting their music with multi-media art and new technologies as they did by producing a series of short films.