He loves photography and gastronomy, but he also likes the Hungarian crowd. But sometimes, he thinks about whether he is his artistic identity is fully developed just like his career? After hearing his new album on Bedrock, we think yes. We had a really pleasant talk with Lost & Found boss, Guy J.

As we heard it, you really like photography. Do you do it with the same passion as producing music? Is photography just a hobby for you?

I love photography but don’t have much time for it lately, it is something you need to be dedicated to in order to get better and express yourself better, it is just a hobby at the moment.

Free artistic diction is really important for you. What do you think, are there situations when your way of performance is confined?

I always play the music I believe in and I create what I feel like creating. Art cannot be limited and people can choose what to hear and who to support, so I know when I go to club to play music, people are interested to hear what I’ve got to play.

How many times have you played at a Hi!FLY party here in Hungary? What’s your opinion about the location, which is a ship, called Europe? Which one do you prefer, club nights or being a “sailor”?

I’ve played few times for Hi!FLY and Overtime was great. I’m very curious about playing on the ship, I’ve played on boat cruises a few times but I don’t think they were as big as the one taking place in Budapest. The crowd in Hungary is always very good so I know it will be amazing night.

Your Hungarian fan base is one of the most enthusiastic ones. Have you experienced such a fan base in another country?

Hungary is known for good crowds in to their electronic music and especially for progressive house, I’ve been there many times and now I can recognize familiar faces and people in the crowd that make an effort and come again and again when I play. From my point of view gigs in Argentina always have very strong crowds, as well as Romania and other countries, I’m very lucky to play for these people and they inspire me to always come back with something new.


It is a fact that the many times mentioned progressive house is not only alive but it seems that sometimes it overwhelms other genres. What changes can the following years bring regarding this genre?

I think today most genres are mixed up. A lot of people and especially the younger crowds learn their genres from online digital shops which can be confusing. I hear a lot of DJ’s today that categorize themselves as techno or a deep house DJ playing music that has “Progressive House’ written all over it. In the next few years those who love music won’t care about genres, its all about house music, some of it is made with love and some not.

In connection with the previous question, do you think we need changes? Are there changes in this genre which you regard bad or inconvenient?

It is more realistic that we won’t pay attention to it, the changes won’t come, I am personally not going to convince anyone what genre is what, I might be wrong, there is no bible foe electronic music, it is all about what we feel about it and how we look at it.  If the shops online don’t bother to do so and everyone is laughing at it then we know it is not all about the music right?.

You are a very productive producer. But now, we want to talk about tracks which are not your works. Can you name some which you liked in the past months?

Roger Martinez – Chinguarime – I Love this one by Roger which I got a few days ago

Airwave – Lightspeed (Khen Bootleg) – Khen is doing some of the best music lately, we spoke few times and we share love for the same classic tracks, he made this one of an old Airwave track

Blusoul – Modular Memories (Guy Mantzur Remix) – Guy Mantzur is back on “Lost & Found” with a remix for Blusoul , beautiful work again.

Your next gig in Budapest will be a Lost & Found label night. How is it different to play at a night which is strongly connected to your work?

Lost & Found nights are very special because it always involves artists from the label. I try to get to know the artist releasing on Lost & Found as well as I can and to know where the music coming from and therefore the nights are more intimate since we know each other better and as friends and respect each other’s music.

It will be an interesting night as you will play together with Guy Mantzur and with Cid Inc., who can be regarded as the international resident of the Hi!FLY team. This party will be a qualitative one, we can tell. How do you help the work of artists like Guy Mantzur, who is also part of your label, Lost & Found?

Guy Mantzur is first of all close friend of mine, we speak almost daily, I love his work and I’m always happy to see him, same as Cid Inc. They are both very productive and talented producers that will surprise.

Have you managed to show and convey your true identity to your listeners? Have you reached your aims which are similarly to that?

I get a lot of questions about unreleased tracks that people hear me playing or other DJ friends are playing, and I guess I have reached the place where people can ID my sound and the type of music I make. It feels great to know your music is somehow being related to you automatically.


People change just like your music as well, but your tracks are saturated with soul. When you produce your tracks, do you listen to your ears and your instincts or you close your eyes and concentrate on the next sounds to build in your tracks?

I do both, I follow the vibe that I feel should be in the track and I also let my personal thoughts and emotions affect the music.

One of my friends said, wait, shouted that “Guy J is the Goa Gil of electronic music.” It is not the most appropriate simile, but interesting in a way. Do you like spirituality?

I like your friend’s comment 🙂 I love spirituality and believe a lot in Karma.

Music is the most international language there is along with food. When it is done with honesty and passion, people feel it, no matter where they are from. I don’t say they will love it but if they like this kind of music, then they most likely “get the message”.

Your third artist album is on its way. We had the chance to listen to it, and your previous albums are also part of our room decorations. Is it real house sounding that you have always wanted?

It is the sound I feel like doing at the moment. I always learn something new and at this point of my life, this is what I like doing and where I am. The interesting thing about writing music is you always think what you create at the present time is the right sound but you will always develop and change, so for now the answer to your question is yes but just for now. 

You can be really proud of your album, but which track of your third artist album is your favourite one?

Thank you very much, it is tough for me to answer that one as every track was created at different times and they all have different meanings to me.

Your album will be a real pride of Bedrock, there is no doubt. Which album do you feel the closest to yours? Of course, you can look back at the old times.

I think this latest one is the closest to me but also Esperanza as it was the first album and was the biggest lesson for me and the most challenging thing to do.

Bedrock is a “big” and well respected label, it does put some pressure on me but in a good way. It brings the best out of you and the fact it is third time I’m writing an album and for me I know much more at this point, I think “The Trees, The Sea & The Sun” is definitely most close to me.

Many new sounds and effects leads our ears while listening to your new album. How much time did it take to be fully ready? Do you feel your works ready or do you always find something to change?

When I hear old tracks of mine I want to go back in time and remake and update them, so probably in couple of years I will feel that I could do some changes. At the moment though this album is something I’m very proud of and very happy to deliver, it shows exactly where I am now.